My interest in photography came as the result of being hired by a local school photography company.  With no experience and only on the job training I was able to support my young, and growing, family.  While this began as a career it has since blossomed into a creative passion.  I now find myself continually looking at the world through my "imaginary" lens.  I notice angles, colours, details, expression, lighting and so much more.  

Connecting with My Community

Photography is a great way to connect with others.  Whether it is photographing guests at our local Foodbank Christmas Party or teaching someone how to operate their first camera.  I have had the privilege to volunteer my time with both young teens and the seniors in our community.  We spend time looking at how cameras work, what settings they might find useful for their type of photography, examining different types of lighting and composition.  



Doug, with his wife Deborah, reside in West Kelowna with some of their children while others have sought careers in other provinces.