The meaning of life explained in a sunrise…

As I woke up this morning it was dark. I made a choice to get out of bed and prepare for the day.

It was still dark as I made my way to work but I chose to carry on expecting the day to unravel gloriously.

Then I began my work at the site and God revealed scripture through His creation!

It started with a visual whisper, a small quiet voice of light peeking from behind the mountains. I noticed and waited with excitement. Then this whisper of light began to touch the tops of the tallest trees – the giants of faith in my life, those that have come before or guide me now because they always notice this ‘voice’ first – and this ‘voice’ was changing my day, literally making it brighter.

Next as this voice climbed higher and became louder it began to light up everything on the earth. I turned around and there was the source! The Son was behind clouds but His light could not be contained. The clouds, dark only a moment ago were now illuminated and glowed with a brightness well beyond the blue sky. The darkness could not contain the light and the ‘God’s rays’ burst forth from behind the clouds in all directions.

I stood for a moment enjoying the view and the warmth on my face during a crisp fall morning. Thankful that I recognized the signs and turned to see the source of this goodness that shines on us all.

But even though I wished to, I knew I couldn’t stay still here all day. The knowledge that this light is all around me and lights my path was enough to allow me to carry on and complete the tasks assigned to me this day.

Throughout the day I only need to turn and look to see the Son once again if I need a reminder and a little warmth. But I won’t find the Son by looking backward because He won’t be where He was earlier in the day. I need to move forward and ‘listen’ for Him because He’s always with me and not just part of my past. This is where I need to be focused; not on the past or where I’d like Him to be, but where He is now. Because where I am now is where I need to pay attention and work from. The Son surrounds me all day and lights up everything, giving life to the earth and me. I don’t need to look around to find Him because the Son is always there. The Son never leaves me no matter where I go on this old earth. I just need to ‘listen’ and pay attention to the signs to be reminded that He is always there.